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Maintaining Healthy and Strong Fingernails

Perfectly manicured fingernails are the things of envy. So many people wish they had the shiny, well-polished nails you see in advertisements for skin ointments. Thankfully, healthy, strong, and gorgeous nails are not out of reach for anyone. With the proper habits, anyone can improve their fingernail health and look. All it takes is a little patience and understanding.

5 Tips for Healthier and Stronger Fingernails

If your nails are in a bad way, you cannot expect an overnight miracle. Good habits over time will improve your fingernails. People often long for quick fixes to damaged or weak nails because they know nails are an indicator of overall health and wellness. Well, by incorporating the right tips and techniques, the world can see you for the healthy beauty you are.

1. Keep Nails Dry and Clean

Keeping your nails clean is the most important thing you can do to ensure they remain healthy. If possible, avoid using harsh chemicals that may damage or dry out the nails or cuticles.

The best way to clean your nails is using a soft bristle toothbrush. Damp the new toothbrush with warm water and add a little soap. Use the brush to scrub around the nail and cuticle. Not only will the toothbrush help clean the area, but it will also exfoliate the skin.

2. File With an Emery Board

Use an emery board or another nail file to help eliminate snags and uneven nails. Your fingernails can be rough after clipping, and those rough edges can catch on different surfaces, resulting in damage. By filing the weakest edges of the nail, you protect the main nail surface.

3. Cut Straight Across

You want to cut your nails regularly, but do not clip too much off. Using an appropriate pair of nail clippers, cut the nail straight across. You can increase the strength of the fingernail by rounding it slightly. Many nail clippers have a built-in curve to help with shaping, but you should use a file to finish the nail correctly.

4. Do Not Use as Tools

One of the worst things you can do for your nails is to use them as tools. Too many people use their nails to pry things open or peel items back. Using your nails in such a way will damage them. It is common for people to bend or break their nails by using them to open pop-lid cans.

5. Do Not Bite Nails or Eliminate Cuticles

Biting your nails or cuticles can also damage them. Also, your mouth is full of bacteria that can lead to infections. Even if bacteria from your mouth don't cause an infection, it is possible that biting the nail will cause a wound that can become infected. Your nails are not tools or chew toys.

Your fingernails, like every other part of your body, require care. If you practice good hygiene and take care not to use your nails as tools, you will have healthier nails than you do now. If you want more information about improving nail health, talk to a dermatologist.


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